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Anchor Devices

Anchor DevicesChair Seating Anchor       
Anchor DevicesChair Seating Anchor SteelZinc plated, Mechanically galvanized    
Anchor DevicesChair Seating Anchor SteelZinc plated, Mechanically galvanized    
Anchor DevicesChemical/Epoxy Coated/Steel Plated, Galvanized, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Engineered Plastic Fast Curing Acrylic, Fast Curing Epoxy, Extended Time Epoxy, CapsulesWorking load above 4,000 lbs Adhesive Anchors are designed for use in applications which require the high load capacities associated with cast-in-pace anchors. They are ideal for use indynamic and shock load conditions because they are integrally bonded to the base material.
Anchor DevicesConcrete Screw Installation Kit      Includes one P2x1" Phillips bit, one P3x1 Phillips bit, one 1/4" Hex driver socket, one 5/16" Hex driver socket, one Phillips driver adapter, one drive sleeve assembly, one drill adapter, one 1/8" Hex key, one SDS extension tool
Anchor DevicesDouble Expansion Shield Zamac Alloy Available in Diameter 1/4" - 3/4"  Dual expansion machine bolt anchor particularly suited for materials of questionable strength. It can be used in solid concrete and some block, brick, and stone base materials.
Anchor DevicesDropin Carbon Steel, Type 303 or Stainless Steel Standard, Lipped, Coil Thread, Mini   
Anchor DevicesDrop-InSmooth wall, Lipped, Coil Thread, 3/8" Mini, Hollow SetCarbon Steel, Type 303 or 316 Stainless Steel   Available in 1/4" to 3/4" Standard Thread, 1/2" and 3/4" in Coil Thread 
Anchor DevicesDrop-In Setting Tool       
Anchor DevicesDrop-In Setting Tool   Solid base material setting tool, Hollow base material setting tool   
Anchor DevicesFiber Plug Jute Fiber with Lead Liner   Size range available #6x3/4" to 3/8"x3"Designed for use in concrete, block, brick, stone and plastic. Designed for use with wood, sheet metal, and lag screws.
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BoltsCarriage Stainless Steel, Carbon SteelPlain, Zinc plated, Galvanized 
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Cables Ties And Accessories

Cables Ties And AccessoriesCable Clamp - light/heavy duty     
Cables Ties And AccessoriesCable TieStandard, Identification, Mounting Head, Releasable, Push Mount, In-LineNylon, Stainless SteelRed, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, BlackMiniature, Intermediate Standard, Light Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty 
Cables Ties And AccessoriesElectrical Tape 1     
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Electronic Hardware

Electronic HardwareAlligator Clip    
Electronic HardwareBinding Post    
Electronic HardwareButt Connector Vinyl, Nylon, Heat ShrinkRed, Blue, Yellow 
Electronic HardwareFuse    
Electronic HardwareFuse Clip    
Electronic HardwareFuse Holder   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareGrommet   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareKnob   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareO Ring   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwarePanel Fastener   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareRetaining Ring   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareSelf-Clenching Fastener   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareSolder Lug   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareSpacer and Standoff   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareStrain Relief Bushing   Consult office for particulars.
Electronic HardwareTerminal   Consult office for particulars.
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Insert Bits, Power Bits and Nut Setters

Insert Bits, Power Bits and Nut SettersInsert BitPhillips, Square, Slotted, Socket, Tamper-Resistant, Tri-Wing, Torx, Clutch G, Clutch A, Pozidrive, Spanner, Security Torx, Hex Key, One Way, Phillips Pin 
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NutsJamSemi-Finished, HeavySteel, Brass, Stainless Steel, AluminumSteel zinc plated2, 5 
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CategoryProdNameMaterialsFinishesHead StylesDrive TypesComments
ScrewsMachineSteel, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Aluminum, Nylon, Silicon Bronze, ExoticsZinc plated, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide, Brass PlatedRound, Flat, Pan, Binding, Oval, Truss, Indented Hex, Hex, Fillister, Flat Undercut, Indented Hex Washer, Oval UndercutSlotted, Phillips, Combination Phillips/Slotted, Hex/Slotted Hex, Square, Torx, Combination Square Phillips 
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Security Fasteners

Security FastenersMachine ScrewPan, Truss, Flat, OvalSteel, Stainless SteelZinc PlatedSnake Eyes, Socket Security, Torx, Phillips Pin Head, One-Way Slotted Socket, Pin Head, Torx Pin Head, Tri-Wing 
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Socket Products

Socket ProductsSetFlat Point, Oval Point, Half Dog Point, Cone Point, Cup Point,Steel, Stainless SteelPlain, Zinc PlatedAlso available in Metric
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Strut & Strut Accessories

Strut & Strut AccessoriesSpring NutsShort Spring, Long Spring, No SpringSteel, Stainless SteelZinc Plated 
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Threaded Rod

CategoryProdNameMaterialsFinishesThread SeriesComments
Threaded RodThreaded RodCarbon Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Nylon, Stainless Steel, A193B7, A449Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot-Dipped GalvanizedStandard Stock Sizes are 6 & 10 Foot. 
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WashersMachine ScrewSteel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone Bronze, Nylon, AluminumZinc Plated, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide 
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Wire Hardware

Wire HardwareS HookOpen Style, Closed StylesSteel, Stainless SteelBrass PlatedAvailable in light, medium and heavy
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