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Value-Added Services

Quality products and competitive pricing is not the only thing that FRAN-DAN offers. We also have a number of services that meet the unique needs of each customer. By customizing each purchase to your specific requirements, we add value to your buying. We empower each customer to get what they need, the way they need it.

1. Custom Kitting - Packaging is an important aspect to the customer, which is why we offer Custom Kitting. We are able to package your orders to meet your needs. If you need plastic bags with six nuts each…consider it done. You want your screws in buckets…consider it done. FRAN-DAN can package anything, any way.

2. Will Call Counter - In addition to shipping products, customers can come to our facility and pick up products at their convenience. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the fastener industry, and will be able to answer any of your questions.

Fran-Dan Bolt & Screw Value-Added Services3. Private Label - For our packaged fastener program, we offer private labeling with your name and logo on the box.

4. Just in Time/Stock and Release - We provide any customer with just in time shipping in order to meet each organization's specific needs. Working with FRAN-DAN , we can coordinate a schedule, including dates, products and quantities, so you receive the fasteners you need, when you need them.

5. Custom parts per drawing - Provide us with a drawing or project specifications and FRAN-DAN will have it custom manufactured for you.

6. Bin Stocking Program - Working with a sales representative, we can establish a bin program to help organize and sufficiently supply fasteners for your specific needs.

7. Same Day Shipment - With our 98% fill rate and quality shipping department, we are able to ship products the same day they are ordered.

8. E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange) - With our state-of-the art computer system, we are able to offer customers the opportunity to place orders directly through our internal database.

9. Bar Coding - We can provide the appropriate UPC code to any packaged fastener upon request.



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